Episode 5

Consciousness: The Mistaken God : An Interview with the Author

Consciousness: The Mistaken God available at https://tinyurl.com/mistakengod

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Wondering why the world seems so messed up? Wondering if there's a solution to the problems you see in the world?

In this Episode, I interview Darlington Moses, author of Consciousness: The Mistaken God.

We discuss the Demiurge, Source and Sourceless beings and the relationship we all have in the material and spiritual realms. We discuss the importance of raising consciousness so that we can all reunite back to our original state of oneness.

I consider Darlington's book to be a wonderful companion to the message in my podcast. Drawing from the same resources, we have developed somewhat different, yet fundamentally identical, perspectives on the teachings of Gnosticism. If one had ever wanted to embark on a journey to discover the hidden teachings of Gnosticism, but found it confusing and disheartening, I consider the information that Darlington and I provide to be a shortcut by decades of study and research. Both of our methods simplify a complex study to allow the fundamental concepts to shine through. Both of us bring clarity to an otherwise unapproachable subject.

You will find out what, both of us agree, is a very very old problem, and what we both think the solution is. In his book and in my podcast, We reveal everything we know and hold no secret knowledge back.

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